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Inside the Breeding Shed with Sandy Hatfield, Stallion Manager at Three Chimneys Farm

Episode Summary

In episode #64 of StallSide, we dive into thoroughbred stallion management with Sandy Hatfield; hosted by doctors Bart Barber and Peter Morresey, this episode offers a glimpse into the life of the esteemed Stallion Manager at Three Chimneys Farm. Listeners can learn about the unique challenges and joys that come with the job of a Stallion Manager. Sandy Hatfield discusses the importance of patience, socialization, exercise, personalities, teaser stallions, and training of breeding stallions. Her insights provide a valuable perspective for both seasoned breeders and those new to the world of thoroughbred breeding. Whether you're a seasoned horse enthusiast or just curious about the world behind the scenes, this episode of StallSide with Sandy Hatfield promises to be an engaging look at the art and science of stallion management.

Episode Notes

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